Steeping Film


A safe way to steep your juices while protecting against contamination.

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Microporous film can be cut to size to fit your bottle top.

Allows gas exchange while sealing out dust and contaminants.

Each sheet of adhesive steeping film on backing is 5.6″ x 3.25″.

Consists of a set of 3 sheets.

A light adhesive on the film to adhere it to the bottle and can be easily removed by peeling a loose edge. A small amount of adhesive may remain, depending on how long it is left on the bottle.

Easily cut with scissors, to steep 28 60ml bottles or 21 250ml bottles per sheet.

Can be punctured with a syringe.

Backing is perforated at two places for ease in separation, can use entire sheet edge to edge.

Our favorite way to steep!


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