Lemon Loves Cake



Lemon may be sour, and Cake may be sweet, but pure Love is in the air when these two meet!





**Premium E-liquid for your vaping needs. Pure flavor and carrier.** Ingredients include natural flavors, and our ideal mix PG and VG, but don’t hesitate to mention at checkout if you have specific needs. Available in 15ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles, 30ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles, 60ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles, or 120ml V3 Chubby Gorilla PET bottles.


  1. Frannie

    OKAY SO. I purchased the Little Bit of Everything box (6mg) and this flavor was one of the first that I tried (closed my eyes and grabbed a random one). I don’t even LIKE real lemon pound cake, but man oh man do I love this flavor. Like I am seriously in love and I’m sad that I don’t have a bigger bottle at the moment. This is a perfect summer vape. The throat hit is lovely, the flavor is even lovelier. THANK YOU FOR THIS.

  2. kim (verified owner)

    needs a bit more lemon

  3. kim (verified owner)

    reminds me of pound cake. for my liking, it could use just a wee bit more lemon zest. not bad, just not my usual WOW! might need more steeping. this is more cake love lemon than lemon loves cake

  4. shawn (verified owner)

    I had a different experience with this flavor. It reminds me of the hostess lemon fruit pies my dad use to get me at the at the gas station as a kid. I got this as a free sample. It is fantastic! Will definitely be ordering this one.

  5. Rachael (verified owner)

    This one needs to steep for me. It’s so lovely though, and worth the wait. The lemon reminds me of Meyer lemon, lots flavour but not much acidity. Nice and sunny.

    Underneath that, is a sweet and creamy vanilla cake with strong bourbon vanilla on the base. I’m pretty sure fairies had a hand in the creation of this one, because it is out of this world!

  6. Heather (verified owner)

    This flavor is genius- I can taste the lemon, the vanilla cake, and I swear I get a hint of butter. I love the complexity of these juices, they are like… vapeable art. As long as you keep making them, I’ll keep vaping!

  7. mscja72

    I’ve been eyeballing this juice for quite some time hoping my vape store (Lowcountry Ecigs, SC) would get this. Low and behold now they do! Now I have a third edition to my AIV favs. This has replaced my morning lemon pound cake from Starbucks, I just get my venti coffee. The pairing is fantastic plus it’s less calories. *waves finger yelling* If you guys are trying to make me an exclusive AIV vapor….it’s working! In coming for those oddity juices soon.

  8. Andrew AKA Panda

    I have an svd 2.0 aspire nautilus I can really taste lemon with vanilla hints reminds of well known brand of lemon cake in the UK the sample box took two weeks to reach me very well presented shame with all the custom stickers all over it maybe the box inside a packet as I love the box as much as the vape this is my first taste of AIV can’t wait to try the other samples more reviews to come

  9. Matthew Kilgore (verified owner)

    Let me begin with I have become a huge fan of AIV! That being said I have tr ied so hard to like this Lemon loves Cakes , it just hasn’t worked for me.
    Very thin and runny ( I had ordered this on my very first order and didn’t know I could request a higher VG)
    Right out of the box very strong lemon flavor not much cake.
    One week steep still thin, and lemony
    I’m now at over a month if steeping and I still can’t make this work. When put in an RDA , I get lots of popping and splatter even after adjusting my builds up and down. In my Fogger RDTA, the wicks gunked up black and burnt with in 24 hours . Maybe a higher VG would help? May have been a janky batch, i I’m not sure. I would have probably trashed it had it been any other juice maker, fire to the quality of juice that is being made at AIV!

    • duchessofvapeland

      Hi Matthew! I am sorry to hear about your sour Lemon Loves Cake experience, how very strange indeed! Every Vaper & setup is different, perhaps this juice just isn’t for you :) But! We are so happy that you have found so many favorites here in Vapeland! Thank you for the very kind words :)

  10. Diamond (verified owner)

    Oh yes, lemon does love cake. And I love Lemon Loves Cake. First thing I tried out of my sampler, vaped right out of the bottle. The cake flavor is subtle, but adds just the right amount of sweet to this juice. The lemon reminds me of lemonade like we make in the south. Sour but sweetened to perfection. Not TOO sour, just…. Mmm. Perfection in a bottle. Am going to steep for a few days and try again just to see how it tastes then. Must …not… vape … it all… Right away. But it’s hard not to…

  11. tailz (verified owner)

    Sooo, lemon loves cake. 1st off let me say I ordered this for my wife. Who is a big lemon fan. I myself am not. Specially in my vape. So as I get more and more curious I took some drips. Boy what a mistake that was. Now I find myself waiting for the portal to open again to order a 60ml of it.

  12. amanda (verified owner)

    Very warm….yummy lemony vape!!!! One of my faves!!!! :)

  13. Victoria

    This was the 3rd flavor I tried in my Delectable sampler and I am happy. It wasn’t as sweet as I was hoping, but I think that’s in part because I had not done any steeping to it. My boyfriend liked it quite a bit. He said it was more like a cheesecake flavor than a pound cake flavor, but thought it was still pretty great! :)

  14. viicki68 (verified owner)

    I love Lemon Loves Cake!

    • Alice

      Lemon Loves Cake loves you too! :)

  15. Behe2369 (verified owner)

    I added this to my delectable sampler as a filler, to be honest I wasn’t expecting to be as good as the others I had ordered- wow was I wrong! This tastes just like a lemon pound cake with icing. I am so impressed with this one I will be ordering the larger size.

  16. Bettie88zombie

    Really delicate and delicious. ..
    Not too lemony, not too cakey just right….

  17. Lisa

    This one kind of fell in the middle for me. I really only taste a sweet cake flavor and not much lemon. Good enough to finish but I probably wouldn’t order again.

  18. Maz (verified owner)

    Lemon loved cake I love this one it has everything it should have :) tastes just like a Lemmon drizzle cake really gud vapour feels like u have sponge in your mouth really nice adv iv had to get more :))

  19. cwestphalrun31 (verified owner)

    70/30 vg/pg
    11mg nicotine
    itaste MVP
    4.2 v 10.5 p
    0 steep time
    I fell in love… Absolutely amazing. You can taste the lemon frosting on the cake. Huge clouds with a gentle aftertaste. I love alot of your flavors but this one is just genius.
    12\10 score

  20. Crystal (verified owner)

    My sample is gone :( I was so in love with White Rabbit that I really didn’t want to give the other flavors a chance… I am so happy I tried Lemon Loves Cake! To me it tastes like lemon creme cake. So much I went out and bought the creme cake cause I ran out. LOL! This is now in my top 3. My other precious is Crunkberry which will be here next week! Amazing job on this flavor guys!

  21. Cazkiwi

    This was my first “cakey” vape… But is now the yardstick by which others are measured. I’m NOT a fan of in your face citrus juices, but this isn’t like that at all… It’s a delicate but flavourful and lovely cupcakey taste on inhale that tastes so real, and a sweet lemon (not at all fake-tasting) on the exhale… It just leaves you wanting to take another taste straight away. The lemon is so subtly and perfectly done that you know it’s there, but it doesn’t scream at you, and the cake flavour is so real, that you really feel you bit into a cupcake but no calories! I’m not just saying that, I’m a new vaper, and I’ve been very underwhelmed by the taste of other juices, but every AiV has been good, even flavours (Menthol I’m looking at you!) that I’m not a fan of are very vapeable from AiV … You can really taste AiV’s quality!
    As for LLC…. I’ve vaped this in an iclear 16 and ego-c/itaste v3 and it was lovely, but in a 1.4ohm 28g Kanthal cotton wick RDA on the Provari …. Wow! Just waiting for my tank and mechs to arrive to try it all other ways too. Anyways…. Just got another 30ml bottle, but will def start hoarding 30-60ml bottles of this every month so I don’t run out! My top 3 flavours (from here or anywhere)…. April Moon, B&W Cookie and Lemon loves Cake… In no particular order… Just how I feel that day :) I’m in love!

  22. eross7

    I am not much for sweet lemony flavors, but this is so light and delicious.. Yum! Boyfriend wants a special order with extra lemon, is this possible?

    • Alice

      We can do extra flavor for him :)

  23. Twisted Trixie (verified owner)

    I have never written a review about an ejuice, until now.
    Lemon <3s cake is absolutely delightful. A light sweet vanilla cake with a hint of lemon at the end.
    I am floored at how delicate this juice is. Truly an ADV. Thank you!

  24. Brandi (verified owner)

    I just received my first order today! I ordered Lemon loves cake and Zombie apocalypse. I have ordered a lot of e-juice from many other vendors online and none of them come close to Alice and Vapeland!!! I will never order from anyone else again, I am hooked! The name Lemon loves cake says it all, you get the taste of a vanilla custard on the inhale and a sweet lemon on the exhale! I can’t wait to try black and white cookie!

  25. Alissa (verified owner)

    I LOVE lemon, I also LOVE cake and icing, I love lemon cake and lemon pound cake….it’s pretty safe to say if it’s cake or pie I’ve probably consumed it. Yes probably on. Y way to a severe case of diabetes lol…. Until now…. I got this today with my LBE and this is one of the ones I am most excited to try! I only used about half when I filled my inferno tank, not the cartomizer one but the new one with the coils. At first I just tasted a faint lemony taste on exhale, the next few were a mix of lemon then cake… Then I got a light sweet hit of icing flavor…. It’s kind of different each time, sometimes the lemon gets a bit lost, but this is one tasty treat. I already have a bottle in my cart waiting for Tuesday. Just my preference because I’m a flavor junky but I’d like a bit more lemon with my cake, the cake flavor is spot on, can’t wait to try cupcake. So against what my mouth wants I’m going to put the rest of my lemon loves cake in my secret steeping spot and see how it does in a few days if I can wait that long! Mmmmmmm

  26. Amy

    Lemon loves Cake was the first AiV I tried at a local B&M shop… and it was love at first taste..I instantly bought a bottle. It’s tastes just like it smells, fresh lemon pound cake with a drizzle of icing. My horror was when my daughter dropped my brand new bottle spilling half on the floor *sob* using it sparingly until I can buy more!

  27. Monster (verified owner)

    My very first taste of an AiV juice is Lemon Loves Cakes, and I think I’m in loveeeeeee. Perfect lemon pound cake taste, and no phony oversweeteners! Bravo, Alice! Bravo!

  28. mau.other (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for adding this to my order! Would have never thought to order it as I’m not too much into citrus flavors, but oh this is absolutely delicious!
    Subtle and sweet (but not overpowering) lemon flavor, definitely tastes like lemon cake. Will be ordering next Tuesday!

  29. jennifer (verified owner)

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy….

    This is simply delicious. I got it in a sample package on my first order and I immediately vaped it up. Then I had to wait a whole week to order! Drove me madder than the hatter, for truth.

    No steep necessary, in my opinion. Straight out of the box, right in the jiblets you should put it.

    POW! Lemon! Sponge cake! Creamy drizzle! Others imitate but cannot replicate this deliciously delicious slice of lemony heaven.

    The only way you won’t like it is if you don’t like…well. Yeah, I can’t think of a reason not to like it. Nuuuummmms!

  30. James (verified owner)

    Ever since my first vape of Mystic Mandalime I have been amazed. Every juice has been top tier. This juice was somewhat different. When I opened this bottle for the first time, I literally almost fell over. Never before had I smelled an ejuice SO accurate, I could literally smell the spongy lemon cake, with the thin layer of frosting. It was amazing. This juice, amazing. I really like this juice; every citrus themed flavor I’ve tried here is by far the best I’ve had. Everything about this juice is great!

  31. blackpurl (verified owner)

    Went on faith and got a 30mil bottle right off the bat. Boywas I happy I did!!! It tastes just like my mother’s pound cake with the lemon glaze she puts on it. My mom only makes this at holiday time or very special occasions. Now I can have it all year round and not gain weight! Lol! Thanks AIV!!!!

  32. cmdebrecht (verified owner)

    I am sad. I was unable to discern very much flavor at all in this juice. Perhaps it is my equipment; Kanger evod battery with a Kanger tank. Sigh…I was so looking forward to this one! I just kept waiting for more flavor but it eluded me.

    • Alice

      Oh No! Please feel free to browse our FAQ for some tips and tricks, or to call us anytime, we would be happy to try to help you troubleshoot!

  33. t

    Oh my god, it’s like vaping lemon drizzle cake! The flavour is subtle, I was worried the lemon would be overpowering but it’s all hints and suggestion and it’s perfect.

    My new evening vape, I’d highly recommend this.

  34. Özdemir Öztürk

    It’s like sour cheese cake to me. But it’s not sugar sweet. Just the way i liked it.

  35. Vince159

    Thank you so much for this sample with my last order!! I just had to order a big bottle of this, and Cupcake City too! I’m enjoying experimenting with mixing these in the RBA, with Zombie Apocalypse too! Having a great time; playing with these delicious juices takes vaping to a whole new level, and I have sooo many flavors yet to explore! Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you for a very unique vaping experience. :)

  36. adrianart.com

    Thanks a ton for using some time in order
    to create “Lemon Loves Cake, 60ml | Alice in Vapeland”.
    Thanks a ton once more -Adam

  37. AG

    I like the flavor of Lemon Loves Cake, but there isn’t enough of it. I keep vaping it and waiting for the POW that never comes. I really want to love this one, but it just needs more. A little more flavor, a little more sour, a little more sweet…something…

  38. Terry

    Made my first order, received lemon loves cake as a sample, loaded it up before i even opened the others, and was instantly amazed. CAKE……at its finest, very little lemon, hints, almost not there…..perfect! this juice is a great evening vape….the sample did not last the day….

  39. Nathan

    I tried a 6 sampler pack, and this e-juice in particular has grabbed me by the heart and I’ll always have this in stock! the more i vape it the better it is. Can’t wait till wednesday to order a big ol bottle of it :)

  40. Sir John of Jemelry

    Let it steep and me thinks ye will smile. Stellar vape with a great cake touch, lemony, but not too overpowering…it’s seductive…like a fair maiden under a full moon. Seriously…a top of the line vape.

  41. Leslie

    Is there any sweeteners in you liquid? Is the Lemon loves cake tart? Thanks, Leslie

    • alice

      Hi Leslie! We only use all natural flavor ingredients, so some of our juices have a natural sweetness! Here’s more info about our ingredients: FAQ

  42. Vickie

    This is one of my favorite juices. It has a wonderful taste and aroma that does not have a harsh throat hit. Imagine a vanilla cupcake topped in lemon cream cheese frosting…it will have you coming back for more!!!

  43. Laura

    This was one of three in my very first AIV order. I was lucky and got my order in before they closed for their move. This has to be my favorite of the 3. I will say that it benefitted from steeping for 2 days to allow the cake to really come out…the first day of testing it it was allll lemon and a little harsh, but now it’s perfect and very smooth. It’s really a quite simple juice, but it is the best and truest cake flavor I have tried and the addition of the slightly sweet, slightly tangy lemon makes it to where I can vape it all day. I am curious to see how long my carto lasts because it is a bit of a darker juice than I normally use, but I will definitely be buying a large bottle when they reopen no matter what. A few things I really like about AIV so far: the juices are very full-flavored but not so in my face that I can’t vape it for long periods of time (this is normally a problem for me with bakery juices), the packaging and presentation is top notch and I love the charms, they send samples, they don’t take a year to ship, they are boutique juices for a non-boutique price. I will be back ASAP to get larger sizes and try more flavors. Thanks!

  44. Bonnaroo

    This stuff reminds me of the old-fashioned lemon shortbread cookies in the yellow box. Even the “cool” note that a lot of Alice’s juices have serves to replicate the layer of lemon powdered sugar on top of the cookies.
    It’s amazing!
    Vape: “Omg..what the..”
    Vape: “How in they world did they..”
    Vape: “No really, how did they?!..”
    Vape: “Ok, ordering the big bottle.”

  45. CayCay

    I taste Trix cereal. =)

  46. Brian Rahn

    This Lemon Loves Cake is scrumptious! Out of 11 samples, this is my favorite! All the others were good too, but the LLC takes the prize. The Mandolime is next in line, then the White Rabbit, and Cherry Blossom in that order.
    Thanks for creating these wonderful eliquids! I will be back for more…

  47. Dominic

    Tonight I dropped some 18mg “Lemon Loves Cakes” into a stardust tank and stuck it on a hum drum eGo battery. Let it sit for a bit, not desperately excited or impatient. I enjoy lemon flavours, and I enjoy cake, but had not really sought them out as a premier choice for a good vape. I took a few puffs.

    I tasted cake as though I was eating it. I tasted lemon frosting on that cake. I tasted lemon cake how you want it to taste, how it should be, delicious sweet cake in perfect balance and natural harmony with real, honest to goodness and just right and bang on lemon flavour. Not too sweet and not too sharp. Lemon and cake married perfectly together by a master Chef de Patissiere, a cake flavour as good as any cake I have ever eaten. I thought to myself that I knew this cake. I thought “where have I tasted cake this good before?” I couldn’t put my finger on it. I thought and thought some more. I vaped my way through the first ml and kept on vaping some more. I began to think I was wrong, I hadn’t tasted lemon cake this good before – and I don’t mean lemon cake smoke juice, I mean the real McCoy, the genuine article, the cake is what I mean my friends.

    I finished the whole 2 ml. I looked anxiously at the bottle (because some lucky people already grabbed 6ml each out of my solitary 18ml sample bottle). I wished I hadn’t already finalised a first stock order with those clever people at AiV, because I hadn’t ordered all that much of Lemon Loves Cake. I decided I must be deceiving myself. I reckoned my taste buds must be in overdrive – I wondered if it was a bad case of the munchies (but no I gave that up some time ago). I cracked open a new stardust tank and grabbed a freshly charged battery – just to be sure.

    Finally the penny dropped. I realised where I had tasted lemon cake this good before – well nearly this good anyway. It was a top notch US made delicatessen quality lemon cake from a renowned US brand. A brand that surfaced in the UK for a few years, oh about 15 years back I guess. But I’m not gonna tell you the brand. I will send a free bottle of Lemon Loves Cake to the first person who can name it though!

    Oh and one more thing. The aroma. Now you might have cottoned on to the fact that I’m not short of words or the odd superlative or two, so it should suffice for me to say that the aroma from the bottle and from the vapour is indescribably good. If the taste was non existent, it would still be worth it just to catch a brief whiff.

    The sad news is, we’re all out of Lemon Loves Cake right now. Not nearly enough is on it’s way to our shores as I write this, and should be here this time next week. And I’m going to check down the side of the sofa right now and see if I can’t scrape together enough cash to order some more before the first batch has even arrived. But they can’t make it that fast so watch out for it and order it quick when you see it. That is, unless you don’t like lemon cake.

  48. Talitha

    hey what is your fb page

  49. morri at ECF

    Lemon Loves Cake

    Vapor: substantial
    TH: light very smooth
    Taste: delicate bakery style cake with lemon twist

    Another good one. Man these guys just keep going and going with the hits. Crazy how they are every one so delicious. No, I did not get paid either in cash or product to give these reviews. My vendors depend on me to tell the truth and give honest opinions and that is what I do. Every time, no exceptions.

    This vape is also delicious. A delicate, mouth watering cake with a twist of fresh lemon at the end. It is fantastic. I really like it. I am not fond of lemon flavored desserts. I especially do not like lemon meringue pie and I don’t care for lemon cake. This is NOT lemon cake. It is vanilla cake with a touch of lemon at the end. It is light and delicate and you can almost smell bakery in this. It is wonderful. You will like it.

    morri’s advice: If you like cake, you will like this. Try it.

  50. SnakePlisken

    (Inferno, 18mg) Ever had birthday cake ice cream? think of that, with a hint of lemon added. Great thick vapor, very mild throat hit. Really delicious overall

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