Charm ~ Toadstool


An original handmade charm for your PV! These are handmade polymer charms, made by Jess-Marie of Double Helix Designs. The charm is on a flexible ring and fits ego-style PV’s and mods. up to 1″ diameter.

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Jess-marie Cornell, is a 23 year old dancer, designer, and owner of Double Helix Designs from Ogden Utah. She specializes in gauge earrings, e-cig charms, and custom belly dance costumes. For more on her and her work, find her on instagram, facebook, or etsy.

Color: Red and white mushroom with tiny bell. And the stem of the mushroom Glows in the Dark!!

This charm also comes with a small translucent ring for smaller PV’s. In addition, because the charm connects to the flexible ring with a clasp, the charm can be used on almost anything!


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