AiV T-Shirt


A lovely little Alice on a crisp black cotton shirt :) Our favorite garb!

*Limited quantity available*



Color: Black with Alice logo


  1. Kasey

    I love my shirt. Nice colors and most of all nice quality materials…..vapelandian quality. Buy this shirt! It’ll change your life. Go home other vape shirts, your drunk.

    • TheJabberwockyOfVapeland

      A glowing review, thank ya Kasey!! But we still love all the other beautiful vape shirts out there. Even the ugly ones, hehehe :)

  2. Karissa (verified owner)

    Love the shirt! Beautiful high quality design and nice quality material. I would love love love to see future tshirt merch offerings more suited for the ladies of Vapeland… perhaps a vneck or babydoll style?

  3. viicki68 (verified owner)

    I love my shirt that’s why I’m getting another!

  4. jennifer (verified owner)

    I have been wanting an AiV shirt since day one! I vape this magic potion almost exclusively, only changing up ever so often to prevent the dreaded vape tongue. I’m just weeks away from celebrating a year of being an avid Vapelandian, and what better way to celebrate? !

    The shirt is a Custom Ink shirt, Gildan brand; which is a very high stock shirt- and Custom Ink work is always spot on, you won’t have to worry about it not holding up.

    I was unsure what size to order, so i just ordered a size up from my normal. If you’re unsure- it’s a true to size- mens size. No need to order a size big. I’ll *hopefully* be able to order my right size next week, if still in stock. Then I’ll have two!

    Great job on the design guys. So proud to have it. Now we just need hoodies! :-)

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