A Bit of Everything


” . . There were so many more curious flavors I just HAD to try!”

A Delightful Sampler of Everything,
Includes a 15ml Gorilla bottle of 34 flavors of Juices, that’s 510 mls of vaping delight (selections may change seasonally as per our current limited editions):

~A Quiet Morning – green tea with passionfruit . . .
~Afternoon Tea – a cup of steamy English tea with milk and sugar :)
~Apple Pi – a fresh and delicious slice of homemade Apple Pi!
~April Moon – a smooth evening vape with blueberries, apricots, and puffs of moon . .
~Bananas Roswell – Fresh bananas, brown sugar, dark rum, sweet cinnamon and a vanilla ice cream so out of this world!
~Berry Crunk – your favorite cereal, with extra berries!
~Bombana – an explosion of sweet & creamy banana milk!
~Buckle My Shoeberry – all natural blueberry buckled together with the finest Italian mascarpone. Saluti!
~Cherry Blossom Tea – clouds of fresh off-the-tree cherry in cherry blossom green tea . .
~Cheshire Catnip – lightly frosty, with herbal-spiced cheshire clouds!
~Duchess De Leche – luscious cream and caramel!
~11th Rose – A musical medley of raspberry, rose and lychee…
~Fifteen Foot Falls – roasted marshmallows, coconut frosting, and a toasty tobacco!
~Frost Blossom – a mandarin-menthol delight :)
~Ginger by the Sea – a mist of spice…to awaken your senses!
~Golden Afternoon – a crisp, warm cookie with golden rays of almond…
~Hello Cherry! – plump, ripe cherries on clouds of violet…
~Hunter – an inviting, ambrosial, all natural fruit punch!
~King’s Chai Latte – A fresh steamed Chai Latte!
~Lavender Ever After – a deliciously creamy castle of Lavender gelato :)
~Lavishuckle Lemonade – with honey, lavender and lemons you’ll play!
~Mang-ri-la – a sweet bite of mango on yummy sticky rice!
~March Moon – Peaches, Raspberries and puffs of Moon . . .
~Melon Soda – a fresh pop of melon that’s delicious and refreshing :)
~Mind Toulouse – a green fairy vape to tickle your mind and senses!
~Pun’kin Tumble – a delightful pumpkin cake rolled into a sweet vape! :)
~Roseberry Lemonade – a touch of roses, sweet lemons, and strawberries red!
~Single Bedroom Apartment – a light and fluffy 700sqft of deliciousness!
~Sultana – exotic fruits and wine, and delights of pear and honeycomb . .
~Third Road – a heavenly cup of ambrosial green tea to take you away!
~Tokala – the richness of night’s sweet and sultry solace . . .
~Twas Brillig – warm clouds of blackberry crumble wafting from the oven . .
~White Rabbit – a curiously indescribable delight!
~Zombie Apocalypse – an attack of strawberry cupcake!







Please enjoy our Bit of Everything Alice-style at our recommended flavor level and PG/VG ratio. Max VG is available via the checkbox.


  1. Brandi

    Alice in Vapeland I really like the sound of a lot of your guys vapes but have no idea where to start. I’m new to Vapeing and found that I like quite sweet flavors but a lot of flavor, and a flavor that will stay flavorful and sweet even after iv been smoking it for a week. I didn’t know if you would have any advice on where I should start when it comes to your menu of juices (as you do know you juices best). I have heard a lot of your flavor are very subtle So I wanted to make sure I picked one that I could really remember you guys by so I can be a returning customer time and time again

    • Alice (verified owner)

      Hi Brandi! We’re so glad you came to the Tea Party! You might try with this sampler, it has stronger flavors and they are our best-sellers: https://aliceinvapeland.com/product/vapelands-favorites/ And if those float your boat you could move on to some of our other delights! Hope this helps! We wish you a very happy unbirthday!

  2. Heather (verified owner)

    I haven’t received my order yet or tried any of the AIV juices, but I’m just so intrigued by the delightful whimsy and charm of this company that I couldn’t wait! So, this isn’t exactly a review of the actual products (yet) but I’m just so head over heels for the artsy, adorable names and flavor descriptions of these juices. I’ve never tried a tea or floral vape, so I’m super excited to say the least. Can’t wait to try the sampler pack. :)

  3. Marynellie Feliciano

    I don’t even want to know what Sir Nimblebottom’s Pumpkin Cheesecake Fries are I Just want it. Like I’m no pumpkin spice latte fanatic by all means (okay every now and then the pls craze kicks in slightly cus it’s everywhere) but The title. What?!?! I’m sold. I want to try whatever concoction that is first amongst a few other things lol. Finishing a quiet morning was so sad, I never try the Same flavors twice, for that one though I Just might. :) you guy’s really know how to woo one over.

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