A Delectable Sampler


“My, what an interesting selection of Juices. I just can’t choose one. I’m so glad I made a sampler, so I can have lots of them.”

Please choose any 5 Juices
Available in 15ml Gorilla bottles

No custom ratios, custom strengths, or extra flavor are available for these bottles. No duplicates please unless absolutely necessary!





Please enjoy our samples Alice-style at our recommended flavor level and PG/VG ratio. Max VG also available.

No custom ratios, custom strengths, or extra flavor are available for these bottles. No duplicates please unless absolutely necessary!

Selections may change seasonally as per our current limited editions:

~A Quiet Morning – green tea with passionfruit . . .
~Afternoon Tea – a cup of steamy English tea with milk and sugar :)
~Apple Pi – a fresh and delicious slice of homemade Apple Pi!
~April Moon – a smooth evening vape with blueberries, apricots, and puffs of moon . .
~Bananas Roswell – Fresh bananas, brown sugar, dark rum, sweet cinnamon and a vanilla ice cream so out of this world!
~Berry Crunk – your favorite cereal, with extra berries!
~Bombana – an explosion of sweet & creamy banana milk!
~Buckle My Shoeberry – all natural blueberry buckled together with the finest Italian mascarpone. Saluti!
~Cherry Blossom Tea – clouds of fresh off-the-tree cherry in cherry blossom green tea . .
~Cheshire Catnip – lightly frosty, with herbal-spiced cheshire clouds!
~Duchess De Leche – luscious cream and caramel!
~11th Rose – A musical medley of raspberry, rose and lychee…
~Fifteen Foot Falls – roasted marshmallows, coconut frosting, and a toasty tobacco!
~Frost Blossom – a mandarin-menthol delight :)
~Ginger by the Sea – a mist of spice…to awaken your senses!
~Golden Afternoon – a crisp, warm cookie with golden rays of almond…
~Hello Cherry! – plump, ripe cherries on clouds of violet…
~Hunter – an inviting, ambrosial, all natural fruit punch!
~King’s Chai Latte – A fresh steamed Chai Latte!
~Lavender Ever After – a deliciously creamy castle of Lavender gelato :)
~Lavishuckle Lemonade – with honey, lavender and lemons you’ll play!
~Mang-ri-la – a sweet bite of mango on yummy sticky rice!
~March Moon – Peaches, Raspberries and puffs of Moon . . .
~Melon Soda – a fresh pop of melon that’s delicious and refreshing :)
~Mind Toulouse – a green fairy vape to tickle your mind and senses!
~Pun’kin Tumble – a delightful pumpkin cake rolled into a sweet vape! :)
~Roseberry Lemonade – a touch of roses, sweet lemons, and strawberries red!
~Single Bedroom Apartment – a light and fluffy 700sqft of deliciousness!
~Starmint – a pure clean mint for your vaping pleasure.
~Strawberry Crims – a parade of strawberries outside a fluffy castle
~Sultana – exotic fruits and wine, and delights of pear and honeycomb . .
~The Cough Drop – a big time menthol-ey fruit candy of comfort!
~Third Road – a heavenly cup of ambrosial green tea to take you away!
~Tokala – the richness of night’s sweet and sultry solace . . .
~Twas Brillig – warm clouds of blackberry crumble wafting from the oven . .
~White Rabbit – a curiously indescribable delight!
~Zombie Apocalypse – an attack of strawberry cupcake!

Happy Sampling!


  1. Lady Aryn (verified owner)

    Placed my first order yesterday. Super excited to try new flavors. Ordered the pick 5 sampler….missed seeing 15 foot falls….next time, for certain!
    Clean tanks with fresh Clieto coils waiting…..

  2. Sharmaine (verified owner)

    Hello AIV! Bought the sampler pack with:
    – 11th Rose
    – Twas Brilig
    – Lav Ever Aftert
    – Fifteen Foot Falls
    – Afternoon Tea

    I tried sampling a couple of these–along with the Lavishuckle Lemonade I ordered a while back–but they burned my throat like a mf at 6mg of nicotine with max vg. I’m going to re-order them at 0mg and get rid of the ones I currently have since you don’t do returns/exchanges. If you’re at all susceptible to throat burn due to PG/nicotine, ORDER AT 0mg!!

    But I can say that every bottle SMELLS absolutely amazing and exactly like you and fellow AIVers describe. I love the matching charms (the Afternoon Tea bottle had a TEA BAG CHARM are you kidding me?!) on the bottles, and the card. Presentation is full of love and care and I can tell the ingredients/flavors are high-quality. Just salty I have to re-order but I will bc they’re amazing!! Can’t wait to actually taste one without throat burn!

  3. Tine (verified owner)

    received order couple of days ago, took about 2,5 weeks from new mexico to belgium, not bad!
    Package looked lovely, thank you so much AIV for the wonderful care, and stormtrooper painted in the box. So far have only tried Quiet Morning which I feel needs more steeping, since it tasted a bit peppery, which I found a bit odd since it contains only 1mg nic/ml, but overall I like the flavour. All the juices smell great, and not too overpowering.
    I ordered quiet morning, zombie apocalypse, mangri-la, twas brillig and pun’kin tumble. Can’t wait to try them all after a bit of steeping!! Thank you Alice in Vapeland!! Too bad I won’t be ordering again since laws in Belgium changed, we can only buy 10ml bottles and only through face-to-face vendors :(

  4. victoria (verified owner)

    How big are the bottle sizes?

    • Alice (verified owner)

      These are 15ml bottles :)

  5. Chris (verified owner)

    Just received my first order, and I can’t even begin to tell you how far AIV exceeded my expectations. Every single liquid I ordered in my sampler was outstanding! On top of that, the shipping was fast, and the packaging was really cool. I will absolutely be ordering again.

    • TheJabberwockyOfVapeland

      Why thank you Chris! I’m so glad your Vapemail made you smile. Welcome to Vapeland!

  6. katherinevinson2 (verified owner)

    I got one of these last week. It is great! I wish there was a way I could get another with
    Frost blossom
    A quiet morning
    Afternoon tea
    Lavender ever after
    The 11th rose

    Is there a way to do that?

  7. Brooke (verified owner)

    ‘Twas the best way to explore along side of Alice in Vapeland!! There was not one juice that neither my husband nor I didn’t like! After a discussion of who got to try what with Alice we happily vaped into the beautiful clouds!! What an amazing product even in a sample. You can literally see the loves, smells and tastes that go into each juice making it absolutely devyne! We were terribly disappointed to get to the end of all the samples. (Which had included two extra flavors I was longing for in the Oddity Room!! Thank you guys so much for that!) However, at the end of our time with Alice in Vapeland, we each fell in love with a couple of juices. My # 1 ADV was Fifteen Foot Falls!! Oh the yumminess of coconut, marshmallow and graham! And there is a very tiny hint of tobacco in it but please don’t let that part scare you away! If you love s’mores and coconut then life doesn’t get better at the tea table with that one IMHO. My husband just smelled Twas Brillig and said “THIS IS IT!” I got one good taste and oh my it was good. You can taste each and every note that is explained in the description but not in a hit you over the head with it kind of way. It’s literally like having some yum warm right out of grandmas oven Blackberry Crumble! He is also a fan of ZA! So many strawberry and creams on the market but this one is hands down THE best!! And my last new love came from the Oddity Room sample of bombana!! THE ABSOLUTE BEST BANANA VAPE! I’ve tried so many and they’ve all tasted artificial to me or like banana hard candies. Not this one! It’s just a perfect creamy banana. That first spoon full after mom made banana pudding and you get some of that fresh cut banana in your bite!! Perfect! Yet another I could see myself spending time at the tea table ADV!
    Last but least before we leave the rabbit hole for the real world, for now, I must THANK YOU for putting the time, energy and effort into every juice here in Vapleland! And the VapeMail!!! I was already so excited to open it and then to have such care and detail go into a simple package to make someone’s day a little more fun and exciting (as if just receiving the package itself isn’t enough happiness and joy) you put a little bit more magic in to make it even better!
    And if you’re thinking about getting the sampler….DO IT!!! You won’t regret it! Three must flavors are Fifteen Foot Falls, Twas Brillig and Zombie Apocalypse!

    We will visit Alice in Vapeland soon and often I’m sure!! THANK YOU to ALL at AiV for bringing some quality, rare, and amazing juices to vaping!! Farewell for now!
    ~Brooke (and Cory by proxy…lol)

    • TheJabberwockyOfVapeland

      Thank you SO MUCH Brooke and Cory. Messages like this are why we do this. Spreading love and great juice is our mission and I’m so overjoyed that we accomplished it with your very first Vapemail! We will be here any time you’d like to visit for more tasty treats and a spoonful of smiles ;) So much love to you. I’m printing this out for the whole Mushroom Lab to see. Thank you guys!!

  8. James (verified owner)

    Why is a raven like a writing desk? (My card) I have no idea, but I do know that Alice in Vapeland is Absolutely wonderful! I just received my sampler, with a pleasant surprise. I received exactly what I asked for, and then some! Thank you Alice!

  9. trevor (verified owner)

    Your sampler arrived today, great before I even smelled the juice. I’ve only tried two, one to step and one good straight out of the mail! 4 to go. But I’ll review that on individual flavors in a week or two. I came here to say the card and personalized note were the coolest thing. Best sampler ever! And I have a feeling I’ll be saying that about the juices as well!

    • duchessofvapeland

      Awesome Trevor!! I am so happy that your Vapemail brought a smile to your face :) Thank you so much! Happy vaping :) You are a fantastic Vapelandian :)!

  10. Christopher (verified owner)

    Dear Alice, I want to humbly thank you for all of your incredible attention to detail and creativity with our packaging. I have tried the Mang-ri-la, Zombie Apocalypse, Duchess de Leche, and Creamsicle. Your juices are so delicious and filled with subtle undertones that its truly an adventure and a dream to vape.
    Every flavor I have tried of yours is delectable and nuanced. Thank you so very much for going the extra mile and being so good to us!

    • duchessofvapeland

      Dearest Christopher! You kind words bring a giant smile to our faces! A dream to vape? What a beautiful description, thank you! We are so happy that you are here with us :)

  11. Adoring Alice (verified owner)

    Loving my sampler pack so far! I’ve tried April Moon, 15 Foot Falls and Zombie Apocalypse already and I can’t decide which is my favorite! The free extra sample was so generous and lovely of you to send, and I loved my personalized note and adorable playing card. I’ll be ordering some big bottles once I can nail down my absolute fave! Thanks, Alice!

  12. Ashley (verified owner)

    Truly fascinating and a wonderful spot, this vapeland of yours really takes the lot!
    I began with the delectable sampler size, and the extra bottle, what a sweet surprise! Not to mention the wrapping was great! Brought a tear to my eye and my heart a little ache.
    Through blurry eyes I read my note, I whispered you are awesome, if I may dote.
    Excited like a child with a superhero cape….I picked up my bottles, which to start my vape?
    I have tried the rest, for you my dear Alice, your juices are the best.
    Everything about them is splendid but please let me be candid…
    For I shall never vape another, lest I desire the taste of dry ash, why would I bother?
    Now that the portal is open, I dare do not to wait, for I wish not be late… to place my next order…I know it will be great!
    Alas my dear Alice, my time here is done; I fear I may drive myself mad like a hatter if I continue on!

  13. Dylan (verified owner)

    Love you Alice for your amazing flavors! I highly recommend that everybody steep their bottle with the cap on by shaking the bottle twice a day for at least 15 days. Store juice in a dark place and remove cap for a minute once per day while steeping to allow oxidation. Steeping will make a world of difference to the taste!

  14. Megan (verified owner)

    Okay I know this is only a day after I received my package. And yesterday I didn’t really like all of the favors for example lemon loves cake, just tasted weird to me but today I tried it again and I freaking love it. I love all that I got. I’m so happy because I’ve never liked all of the favors that I ordered from anywhere else this is absolutely amazing. I cannot wait to order bigger bottles.

  15. Troy

    Amazing… One after another simply outstanding. Craftsmanship shines in every draw from every single bottle. I cannot decide on a favorite. I want a sampler like this in bigger quantity, like by the gallon please! Top notch packaging caps it all off. Totally satisfying experience from the first click online.

  16. Megan (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this. I ordered afternoon tea,cherry blossom tea,lemon loves cake,frost blossom,and zombie apocalypse. I got a free sample of b&w cookie as well which is fantastic. I have to say the shipping was faster than I expected and the packaging is impeccable. I absolutely love these juices even without steeping. I haven’t tried b&w cookie yet but I’m sure it will be great as well. Thank you so much and I cannot wait to order bigger bottle of my favorites which are afternoon tea,cherry blossom tea, and zombie apocalypse.

  17. Nicholas (verified owner)

    Wow, this was probably the best thing i’ve ever ordered, the packaging being specialized like that with the extra unexpected juice, and the Alice card, certainly made my day, what i’d do to get a deck of those…just saying haha. Not to mention how much i enjoyed the flavors, the shipping was much faster than i expected, you guys just completely went above and beyond my expectations and have definitely earned my business 100%

  18. Diana (verified owner)

    Love everything about Alice in Vapeland. My fiancé and I are truly spoiled on e-juice now. I beg of you, please, please bring back FOURSQUARE!! We will buy a gallon! (NO Joke!!) Ordered it and can’t stop thinking about it. We have tried to hide what very little is left of the bottle, considering it is now gone.. but it’s not easy. On our hands and knees begging to let us get just one more taste! Thank you for everything you guys do. Working on our deck of cards!

    • Alice (verified owner)

      We are so glad we can bring you and your fiancé loveliness and smiles, Diana!! We would be happy to make you FourSquare anytime :) You can order anything else you like in the size/strength you like and in the special instructions at checkout, just request that we make it into a FourSquare instead and we will do so for you!! Lots of love <3

  19. Erin Ross (verified owner)

    I ordered my 3rd sampler from you last week as a gift for my Dad..He LOVED it!! I really appreciate you guys taking the time to personalize it for him..that really made his day. :) Just waiting on the verdict on his top faves so I can place his order, as he is not exactly online ordering friendly..yet..lol. Thanks again!! :) :) :)

  20. akemi141 (verified owner)

    Excellent! Shipped fast and a lot of attention goes into the packaging and presentation. I loved my personalized note and extra goodie. I’m so glad I found Alice!!! I don’t think I could buy juice from anywhere else now.

  21. eross7 (verified owner)

    Very very pleased with this!! Great juices, great presentation! Thank you so much!!

  22. Fox2twenty (verified owner)

    Update. Got Vapemail yesterday. Indeed the packaging and presentation are phenomenal. Love the note and playing card :-) So far I have only tried Zombie Apocalypse; however, I can say it has a wonderfully natural and normal flavor to it. It is not chemical or corrosive tasting like other more generic vapes are. Well done, I appreciate the more delicate flavor.

    The nicotine seems to be smooth and gentle as well compared to lesser brands. I will probably order 30mls of every AiV flavor before venturing out again to a different brand :-)

  23. T (verified owner)

    Super service. I placed my order on the fourth and received the tracking number on the fifth. Great customer service so far, the Duchess responds quickly to email too. :-)

  24. Fox2twenty (verified owner)

    Super fast service. Already have my tracking number. I ordered on the fourth and had the email on the fifth. That’s good service, will update later.

  25. Heather Lemastus

    I have been buying from a local shop and they haven’t been able to keep this brand in stock so I thought I would come order online, now I’m wishing they carried all the flavors so I was sure what to order. April moon is my favorite out of the flavors I have, its amazing! Cupcake city, white rabbit, and zombie apocalypse are great too can’t wait to try the others!

  26. Kel (verified owner)

    I just received my sampler package and was pleased to see an extra bottle in there, I love the packaging and I can’t wait to try all of the flavors. I will definitely be ordering again!

  27. Shawn (verified owner)

    I am just about to place my order. cant wait to get them in the mail. i have found very few juices that I can say i enjoy vaping all day. Hope everything I have read in these reviews comes true.

  28. RPGZealot (verified owner)

    Just got mine today (exactly one week, awesome)! I haven’t tried them all yet (just one) but I have to say that the packaging was really, really impressive, especially since I spent < $15; you just don't typically get that level of detail. Thank you.

    Also, thank you for the extra sample :) It's not something I would have otherwise picked, so I'm more than just a bit excited to try it.

    In all, I think this is an amazing deal and an excellent way to sample the goods without a huge commitment. Certainly one of the most varied and well-priced samplers I've seen.

  29. brandon

    hey i was just wondering what flavors everyone would recommend, i generally like fruitty candy type flavors, not to keen on dessert flavors but hey im open to suggestion

  30. Dominic (verified owner)

    I would just like to say thank you, Alice. Not only the attention to detail in the way you present and package your products, but the undeniable quality your juices possess. Everything tastes wonderful and it is truly refreshing and enjoyable to vape something made with so much care and quality ingredients.
    To anyone who is considering ordering from this truly outstanding vendor….What are you waiting for? I know that taste is subjective and there are no guarantees that one will enjoy a specific flavor or particular vendor, but I have yet to be disappointed in anything that I’ve ordered from this site.

  31. Kim

    Cant wait for my goodies to come… I get my black and white from a local shop.. getting low…heard about how great alice is..

  32. Susan

    Just orderd. Didnt request any flavors on my sampler. Hope to be surprised with some nice treats!! :)

  33. wenchkin (verified owner)

    My better half Scott grabbed a sampler of 18 nic for me and a 0 for him. The best way to introduce yourself to such amazing flavors. We will be back tonight to order more of our new favorites and grab a few more we did not to get to try last time around. Can hardly wait to see when you get local pickup, welcome to the hood from a few new fans.

  34. carl

    mine shipped today im pumped i got a new addy just so i can really enjoy these! if i like them i will have to order more asap you guys are crazy busy but thats a good thing imho…..everyones lineing up to get them so i better get in a order asap if i like these!

  35. SusanR (verified owner)

    I was so glad I found this website! I would rather try flavors in these small sample size than larger. That way I can decide which I like the best-which so far seems to be all of them! Best prices too!

  36. IndubitablyMe

    I received two delectable samplers in the mail today (plus two free flavors that I hadn’t ordered – thanks Alice!) Incredibly fast shipping. They were ALL really good, but the standouts for me were White Rabbit, B&W Cookie, T’was Brillig, Creamsicle, and Crunkberry. This is the first sampler I’ve gotten from any company where I felt that every flavor could be an all-day vape. Been dripping (cycling through the juices) since the mailman dropped them off and I don’t want to put down my PV. Gotta go out soon and I can’t figure out what I should fill my clearomizer with. You rule, Alice! I’ll definitely be ordering some 60 ml bottles soon.

  37. VampireCat019

    I can’t wait to try my sampler, and from what I’ve read, I anticipate that I’ll be ordering BIG bottles of each very soon! :)

    You guys have an awesome site and I wish you all the best of luck!

    • abracadebra

      Me to i wait in wonder..as im vaping my plain vanilla..its ok but i want new doors to open my taste buds..alice my sweet white cat is so happy she no longer has to smell those nasty cancer sticks…still cant believe i found this site

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