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  1. It’s been one year since I became a faithful buyer of Alice in Vapeland e-juice’s and I have been totally satisfied with your multitudes of yummy varieties. Your juices are creative and your art is inspiring. I am glad I stuck with you because it has helped me quit smoking tobacco. Thank you Alice for creating the most delicious concoctions. Your juices are all just splendid! I look forward to what you come up with next!

  2. You sweet darlings! Tiny boxes of joy on my doorstep today, sweet little cards, adorable charms, Lavender Ever After and an ever elusive White Rabbit. Everything is perfectly perfect.

  3. While every flavor may not be right for everybody, be assured that these juices and ingredients are amazing! I searched online to find anything that wasn’t super sweet, and after being disappointed over and over, I found AIV. My teeth never hurt, and the flavors are amazing. To AIV: thank you for the amazing juices and experiences. The packaging and included trinkets show how much you care about your brand and your customers. Thank you!

  4. You guys are so amazing, thank you so much for the personalized note in my box! It means so much to me that you support the troops in such a way! I’m definitely looking forward to ordering from you again; you have in me a new loyal customer :)

  5. Dear Alice, I think I am in love with you. Your juices are so amazing and they never disappoint. I just got my second order and I anticipated all weekend to try April Moon but I also equally was inpatient to see what wonderful trinkets and artwork I was going to get. Every package is like Christmas. I am turning into a die hard vapelandian fan and I believe I will be forsaking all other e-juice brands. My friends, do not be afraid to try this wonderful family of vape juices. Go down the rabbit hole and get the everything package. You will be over the moon in love after the first pull and she will send you to exotic places of wonder!!! Sincerely, your newest Cheshire cat!!!

  6. Thanks Alice for shipping quickly!I’m having trouble finding the right nic level but I’ll keep trying Thanks again!

  7. Alice I’m in love with twas brillig!ordered white rabbit too strong at 18m so I have to cut it down. Hopefully it turns out good with the remix Thanks again much love to you and the lab

  8. Just found yall and ordered my first bottle which is white rabbit. I’m almost giddy with excitement! With all these beautiful thoughts from regular as well as new buyers I think I found a home :)

  9. I am on my last little bit of Lavishuckle Lemonade and my heart is broken. This flavor should be a staple in the line up. Although I did order White Rabbit and it’s a close second favorite. I am still trying all the flavors but lemonade was the ultimate. Bring it back please! Lol. Keep up the wonderful work and beautiful packaging ☺

    1. Wendy, I’m with you! After ordering many other flavors, LL is my absolute favorite. I would love to see this flavor as an option more than just a few months a year. Yes, please do bring it back! I’ll stick with a quiet morning until LL returns..and then I’m buying a ton. Thank you AIV!

  10. I have tried all of your juices! I have found this is my favorite brand! You guys care about packages, the customer care, the artist side of it. The juices are just perfect everyone that I have had have a amazing taste! Nothing can compare. I will forever be a loyal customer, I will continue to recommend to people!

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